Choose the most suitable apartment for you

Short-term rental apartments in Kiev

We can offer a suitable option for an apartment of the appropriate level, in the right place, at an affordable price.
We try to maintain a balance of price and quality of our services.

Rules for renting apartments

  • Apartments are rented to individuals who have reached 21 years of age in a short-term lease from one day (from 14:00 to 12:00 the next day), up to one month (30 days).
  • The possibility of settling before 14:00, or the eviction later than 12:00 is negotiated separately, preliminarily and individually.
  • It is guaranteed to be occupied at 09:00, or departure at 18:00 can be paid for the previous or next day.
  • When booking and settling in the apartment, guests must report the exact number of people. If the number of guests, during the stay, or the settlement changes to a larger side, from the stipulated earlier, an additional fee will be charged.
  • Pre-booking is done by phone. The operator is discussing the option of the apartment, the dates and time of arrival and departure, the colitis of the person, the age of the guests and other details. Reservation is made by prepayment, in the amount of the cost of one day of stay. In case when guests do not settle in the apartment on the day of settlement, the prepayment is not refundable.


Arrive earlier or depart later, possibly subject to payment of an additional day.
In order to populate you early in the morning, we will have to keep the apartment free the day before.
The situation is similar with late check out.
Perhaps an earlier settlement (1-2 hours), or a later eviction (1-2 hours) for an additional charge, if the apartment is free (not booked).
We guarantee the provision of the selected apartment, on the selected dates only by prepayment.
Unfortunately, we do not refund money for unused days. The specificity of our work is such that the days you booked are blocked in the calendar, we refuse to book all potential guests and as a result we incur losses.
Preview of the apartment is possible when booking for more than two weeks.